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We specialise in all types of commercial finance. Please take a look at some of the products we can offer. Our friendly team will be happy to try and help with any products not listed opposite – we’re only a phone call away!

Asset Finance.

Are you looking to replace machinery, a car or any other asset? In a competitive market, it can be tough finding the best deal to enable you to purchase the assets you need to grow your business. Your time is money, so it’s important to get it right first time. Let us do all the shopping around for you so that you can concentrate on running your business!


Lease purchase? Finance lease? Operating lease?... And many more! There are so many leasing options available, each with tax and VAT implications, some requiring an up-front deposit payment, some not, and many with a balloon payment to be paid either at the end of, or through set stages throughout the term. Are you baffled yet?

With so many leasing options in the marketplace, finding the right type of lease to suit your business can be time consuming and daunting. Let us take the complication out of leasing and talk you through the options at a pace you will understand.

Sale and Lease-back:

Does your business have assets that are worth buying? Would you like to release the value of these assets? Then a sale and lease-back could be a way of raising finance. This works by selling an asset to a lender for a lump sum and then leasing it back. A sale and lease-back can be a quick and simple way of raising cash.

Property Finance.

Buy To Let and Buy To Let Portfolios:

Whether you’re looking to find your very first buy-to-let mortgage, or are about to remortgage your portfolio in order to add further properties, talk to us for a thorough review of what the marketplace has to offer you. Have you found a property that is structurally sound but requires refurbishment and cannot find a mortgage? We have a product available!

We also offer a fantastic landlord’s insurance policy without you having to undergo the complicated process of tenant vetting. Simply tell us whether your tenants are DSS or private and the type and length of the tenancy and we will get back to you with a quote. If you’re looking for a better deal on your buildings insurance, we can help you with this too.

Development Finance:

Are you developing commercial or residential property? Whether it is a large or small development or a renovation project, we would be very interested in finding out more about your plans. We have many specialist lenders on our panel that can offer you the flexibility that mainstream lenders may not. Perhaps you are looking to borrow more than your bank can offer you? Perhaps this is your very first development or your credit score is affecting your application? Move your plans forward with Advance Commercial Finance!

Buying Your Leasehold Property:

Would you like the peace of mind which owning your own business premises brings? Are you concerned that your landlord may not renew your lease which could lead to enormous relocation fees? Call us – we may have the solution!

We work with a number of lenders including some offering a very quick turnaround time even if your credit history is not perfect.

Business Loans.

Same Day Business Loans

Should your business have an urgent requirement for funds, a same day business loan may be the solution. You can borrow upto £120,000 for any business purpose.

Unsecured Business Loans

We can assist your business in raising upto £500,000 unsecured. The funds can be used for purposes that some High Street lenders will not accept such working capital, marketing and taking on new employees. Though an unsecured business loan will not require you to provide security such a charge over your home or freehold business premises, personal guarantees will be required from the directors and shareholders of the business.

Secured Business Loans

If you would like to raise over £500,000 and can offer suitable security, a secured business loan may be a suitable option.

Bridging Finance.

Bridging Loans:

If you need finance quickly, then a bridging loan might be the answer. A bridging loan tends to be a quick solution while you are waiting for alternative finance to be arranged. For example, if you have won a property at auction and quickly need the funds to buy, you can take out a bridging loan during the period that your mortgage is processed by your lender. We deal with many Bridging Loan companies offering rock-bottom administration fees and competitive rates.

Cashflow Finance.

Tailored solutions to aid your cashflow:

Waiting for your customers to settle their invoices can prove to be a real drain on your cashflow. We can assist you in sourcing a lender and a facility tailored to the requirements of your business such as a facility where the charges are made during your busier months. Many of our lenders offer facilities for your selected larger customers.

Please see the facility types below;


A factoring facility will enable your business to receive, typically, upto 90% of the value of all the invoices your company raises within 24-48 hours. The remaining 10% will be paid to your company once the invoice is settled less a pre agreed percentage charge. Most lenders charge a service fee which is based on the turnover of your business. Under a factoring facility, the lender carries out the credit control function which is ideal for sole traders and smaller business that do not employ a credit controller, or have enough time to carry out this function.

Confidential Invoice Discounting:

This facility is the same as a factoring facility but enables your business to carry out your own credit control.

Solutions For Ocassional use:

Spot factoring and spot confidential facilities enable your business to use the facility on single invoices.
This facility is similar to a pay as you arrangement.

Asset Finance

  • Cars
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Machinery
  • Plant
  • IT & Telecommunications Equipment
  • And More!!!

Property Finance

  • Buy To Let / BTL Portfolio
  • Development Finance
  • Commercial Mortgages
  • Buying Your Leasehold

Business Finance

  • Starting Your Business
  • Management Buyout

Bridging Finance

  • Bridging Loans

We also offer great deals on commercial insurance.
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